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Ailene Cheung

Ailene CheungAilene is from Malabon City, Philippines wherein she was born and grew up. She studied at Manila Central University where she took a Bachelors degree in Physical Therapy and graduated in 2002.  She got a license to practice her profession as a Physiotherapist that same year.

As a newbie, she volunteered as Physiotherapist together with her colleagues and later on decided to work in an institution as a paid individual to support herself. As she worked in different clinics and hospitals as a part of rehabilitation team, she gained more knowledge and skills throughout her work experiences and upon dealing with all kinds of people.

As time goes by, Ailene got a certification as a clinical instructor and trainer for Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) and Deep Tissue Manipulation. She taught other Physiotherapists and encouraged them to use it as an additional skill for their treatments as she thinks has a better approach than the conventional Physiotherapy treatment.

After 11 years of practice in the Philippines, Ailene decided to expand her horizon and tried her luck in other country. She applied a job in Bahrain as a Physiotherapist.

She came to Bahrain and worked as a licensed Physiotherapist in 2015 wherein she treated patients in both clinic and home setting (home visits). Difference with culture and people did not stopped her to further improve her knowledge and skills.

In 2015, she decided to go back to the Philippines due to personal reasons and still practiced her work for home visit patients.

In 2016, she came back to Bahrain to be a Physiotherapist in AlFardan Physiotherapy in which she is a pioneer/ senior staff until present.

She got another certification for Prenatal and Postnatal Massage in which is a part of treatment services in AlFardan Physiotherapy that caters to the expecting and new mothers.

Pain management (Orthopedics)and Home Visits (Geriatrics) related cases are her areas of specialty and interests. She incorporates both conventional physiotherapy management and western (massage/ manipulation techniques) to her clinical practice in which she believes that are both beneficial to the treatment outcome.

At present, Ailene enjoys to help patients who are in need and thrives to learn new knowledge and skills throughout her practice in the future.