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Fatema Humaidan

Fatema HumaidanFatema Humaidan is a licensed physiotherapist since 2018.

She started working at AlFardan Physiotherapy Center since she has got the license of her dream job.

She graduated with a strong academic background from AHLIA University, Bahrain after she completed the Bachelor degree in Physical Therapy under the umbrella of experienced and efficient doctors and consultants in Bahrain.

She practiced the Physical Therapy in all its fields such as ” Orthopedic, Cardiology, Pediatric and Neurology”.

In addition, she was able to handle different cases with various ages in the governmental and private hospitals and clinics, beside the elderly care homes or nursing home all along the studying years at AHLIA University.

FATEMA, is an ambitious physiotherapist who is having a good interpersonal skills and comfortable communicating with clients and SHE ALWAYS TRY TO PROVIDE THE BEST SERVICES for her patients and even the workplace.