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Joemey Que

Joemey Que

Joeme is a filipina who is a native zamboangueño.  She completed her five-year bachelor’s degree in physical therapy in April 2003 at Brent Hospital and Colleges Incorporated, Philippines.  She passed the Philippine Physical Therapy Licensure Examination in February 2004.

She started her career as a volunteer physiotherapist in Brent Rehabilitation Clinic for a year, from January 2004 – April 2005.  Then she decided to join a private company named J & A Center for Health and Wellness, which is owned by a cardiologist, from May 2005 – May 2008.  She worked as an on-call physiotherapist, wherein she was assigned to do homecare and in-patient treatment sessions, which lasted for three years.  On July 2008, a job was offered to her to work in a government hospital in The Zamboanga City Medical Center as a Contractual Physiotherapist.  Her short period of stay in this hospital enhanced her skills in treating different causes.  She was exposed in a vast majority of neuro cases, such as, cerebral vascular disease, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury and some other nerve injuries.  She also handled some orthopedic cases, but the number of patients having ortho problem are not as much as neuro cases.  She ended her contract in December 2008 and decided to be a full-time mother after she delivered her third child.

In July 2009, she was given an opportunity to be a faculty staff of the Physical Therapy Department of her alma mater, Brent Hospital and Colleges Incorporated.  She was assigned to teach the following subjects; Electrotherapy, Therapeutic Exercises, Medical Surgical Conditions and Human Anatomy and Physiology.  She also became the Internship Clinical Coordinator of the fifth year students with the following responsibilities;

  • Responsible for the implementation of the fifth year clinical internship program
  • Orient the interns in their respective clinical areas of responsibility in the various affiliation centers in Manila and Zamboanga City.
  • Make a thorough evaluation of the clinical and academic performance of the interns through consistent communication with the clinical supervisors.
  • Prepare written and oral revalida to assess intern’s knowledge, skills and clinical judgment
  • Supervise physical therapy interns in their exposure to the different rehabilitation cases such as pediatrics, orthopedics, neurologic and musculoskeletal.

Her career as an instructor ended in January 2009 because she needs to go back to practice her profession as a physiotherapist to pursue her dream to work abroad. One of the requirements is to be employed in a rehabilitation clinic,  which she decided to join the Clinica de Dolor Y Rehabilitacion in February 2009 – November 2012.

In November 2012, she started her career in Bahrain.  She passed the Bahrain Physical Therapy Licensure Examination in March 2013.   She worked in different well-known physiotherapy centers.  And at present she is a senior staff in a trusted institution, in Alfardan Physiotherapy Center.