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Physiotherapy & Beyond...

Our aim is at serving Bahrain community
with a distinguished physiotherapy services.

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About AlFardan Physiotherapy

about-img-rightAlFardan Physiotherapy WLL is a physiotherapy center. It represents a new approach of physiotherapy treatment and this approach is built around the service mix of expertise, care and TQM (Total Quality Management). Your physique, time and comfort are valuable to us and we spare no effort to ensure your recovery. Our treatment model is configured out of scientific research and tried and proven treatment methodologies.

All rehabilitation services are offered at AlFardan Physiotherapy center. With the help of contemporary techniques and hi-tech equipment, all rehabilitation treatments are conducted indoors at our center.

With quality and professional competency forming the main pillars in our treatment model, our therapists have been selected for their experience and qualifications. Our therapists are licensed to practice by the National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) – the health regulatory body in Bahrain.

The center is aimed at serving Bahrain community with a wide array of distinguished physiotherapy services, including Orthopedic Therapy, Pediatric Therapy, Neurological Therapy, Sports Injury Rehabilitation and Home Visits. Our programs are designed to ensure injured patients the swiftest return to their optimal level of performance without the reoccurrence of injuries.

Physiotherapy centers are NOT created equal. Let us show you the difference.


To be patients’ preferred choice for physiotherapy and rehabilitation services and the physiotherapy center differentiated for its unique caring and quality physio and rehab treatments.


  • Our mission is to provide physiotherapy services exceptional within our community.
  • Improve our patients’ quality of life by delivering a compassionate, personalized and professional experience.
  • Maintain team flexibility and dynamics as part of AlFardan Physiotherapy corporate model that matches the needs and expectations of our valuable patients.

Our corporate philosophy is built around the added value that patients will receive as part of our service and treatment package. It is our treatment model that we develop a plan of treatment based on preliminary professional judgment guided by the best practice of physiotherapy. Such a plan will maximize the speed and benefits of our treatment. We will press ahead maximizing our community fitness and physique guided by our slogan “Physiotherapy & Beyond…”.

In conjunction with physiotherapy treatment, our therapists support the community with educational information that helps patients and people alike understand how to help themselves and comprehend their physique. Painful situations that have not healed in a predicable amount of time often require a lifestyle assessment to help the patient understand daily habits contributing to their ongoing painful condition. Through these activities, patients come to understand that getting better requires their interest and commitment to reach their fitness back. Upon completion of our physiotherapy, the patient would end up being re-energized and educated to be sensitive to his physique well being and start avoiding ill habits and unfavorable behaviors. Associating yourself with AlFardan Physiotherapy is an ongoing investment investing in your welfare and healthier future.

Insurance Providers

AlFardan Physiotherapy is connected with the major health insurance companies. Our patients can choose to have their fees paid fully or partially through their insurer. They simply need to bring their insurance arrangement to the attention of the reception desk upon arrival.