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Our aim is at serving Bahrain community
with a distinguished physiotherapy services.

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Why Choose Us

The Service you are looking for

  • You are the focus of our services. We take full attention of your case and surround you with care and understanding from the moment you step in to our center.
  • Our treatment model ensures you the best service. Your case will first be assessed in details by a senior physiotherapist and he/she will advise you on the recommended course of treatment, which will be implemented with your concurrence progressively under the management by the specialized
  • AlFardan Physiotherapy center is located in the First Floor of Durra 1 Building in Isa Town facing the Municipality and Library offices. It is situated in a very centric location in Bahrain with a parking facility making it easily accessible.
  • The center is the state of the art. It is simple, friendly and unique in its layout and surroundings and it is equipped with the latest technology. The center contemporary design does not jeopardize its simplicity and sociable atmosphere.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to get your physique back the shortest and safest way possible. We will capitalize on your injury incident to get you gain the convention of treating your body the right way in order to avoid getting injured again. We aim at making your rehabilitation journey a joyful learning experience to you.

Serving the Community

AlFardan Physiotherapy is fully dedicated to serve Bahrain and the GCC community with the best physiotherapy services possible. We have modelled our center to offer you the accessible and affordable service you desire. This model has resulted in you getting the following advantages and the best accessible deal:

  • We are located in a prime location in Isa Town, the geographical center of Bahrain. You cannot simply miss it. Our center is sited in the First Floor of Eskan Bank Durra 1 Building adjacent to Yousif Engineer Health Center facing AlSeef Mall Isa Town branch.
  • We are open from Saturday to Thursday for long hours.
  • We are connected to all major Health Insurance companies.
  • We can arrange for home visits whenever it is needed.
  • We are connected to you through the web site and social media portal.

100% Satisfaction

Our therapists enjoy having the scarce know-how and expertise that would draw your full satisfaction. It is part of our treatment model to get you involved in the treatment plan. Patient commitment has proven to be the multiplier effect behind quick and speedy recovery. Our considerate and interactive treatment program will lead to your ultimate 100% service satisfaction.